Full of symbolism, this memorial to fallen police officers in Dallas, Texas is quite honestly, the most moving memorial that I have seen anywhere. On a sunny day, it’s difficult not to be moved by the design perfection of this memorial.

From the architect’s (Oglesby Greene) website:
"…A stainless steel construction emerges from the site like a figurative officer’s shield and carries the badge numbers and names of police killed in the line of duty. One plane floats as an overhead bar while another follows the incline of the earth. The plane above casts a rectangular shadow across the broad asphalt steps, recalling the mourning bar worn on police badges when an officer is lost. Within this shadow the badge numbers of fallen officers are illuminated, projected by the rays of the sun. The removed stainless numerals, like reversed stencils. are mounted and given to the officers’ families. The lower plane-borne by the earth and pavement fragments cut from Dallas streets carries the names and dates of the fallen officers, where they may be read and touched at close hand."

The officers’ badge numbers can be seen as they have been cut out of the overhang, their names on the silver panels, and their number reflected onto the ground by the sun…truly amazing design work! Even more moving is when their number(as can also be seen in this image) reflects across their names on the panels.

Police Memorial Dallas Texas Design Perfection Symbolism Officer Killed Duty Numerals Mourning Bar DSC_1744