“…One of Texas’ emerging photography superstars…has a new style that is fresh and creative…a photographer who is cutting edge, has great use of light, composition and originality.”

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Dave at Big Bend National Park Texas

Dave at Big Bend National Park Texas

David Kozlowski

Freelance Photographer
Dallas Fort Worth Texas

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Interesting Facts About Dave:

Is colorblind
Coffee Addict
Likes stripes
Appreciates sarcasm
Has visited 41 states/23 countries
Planned a photo shoot around a missile test schedule
Has been in sensory-overload in Binondo
Named his camera “Cameran”
Types 70 words per minute
Embarrasses easily
Has seen Sasquatch(I know what I saw!)
Bought pie from a native American at Taos Pueblo in a dust storm.
Doesn’t like to hand-write anything
Had a single screw delivered via overnight FedEx.
Drove 13 miles on a dirt road in the back country of New Mexico to visit monks at a monastery.
Finds beauty in other peoples’ trash
Likes the smell of freshly-cut grass
Has given CPR to a dead man
Looked for ghosts at the Buena Suerte Cinnabar Mine
Experienced an earthquake in Chile
Parasailed in Acapulco
Eaten raclette in Zermatt.  And bad food in London.
Has been mesmerized by Irish music in Galway
Lived on Copacabana
Has driven the Road to Hana
Walked the streets of Hong Kong
Hates to be late
Has had an ‘Orbital Blowout‘ (…long story)
Loves Brussels sprouts
Fog! ‘nuf said.
Loves rainy days
Neat freak
Cat Person



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1975 Senior year of high school...haven't changed much!

1975 Senior year of high school…I haven’t changed much!